While completing a “First page review” aka Therap training- the age old question was asked:   “Why can’t we see what is happening at home  for someone I support at work?”    Provider Admin and access is a  tricky beast!  It requires  a delicate balance that all providers must juggle.   It has sparked many a discussion within the “four” walls at NHTC!   I heard a rumor that Therap is in the midst of some finesses to the Provider Admin Access(or a complete overhaul);: which is exciting but still begs the conversation that floats in my mind.
How much is too much and when is less too little?

Let’s take for instance my friend Dan.

Dan  receives supports from BlueGrounds Agency .

  • He lives in a group home with 9 other people.   He  has 12 different DSP‘S  who support him when he is home. 
  • BlueGrounds also help him with all his medical appointments, that is usually Jenny from the nursing department. Sometimes his service coordinator helps him to get to his dentist, eye doctor and psychologist, her name is Dana.
  • During the day Dan splits his week.  Monday- Wednesday he goes  into the community with an agency job coach, they contract with a local construction company.  He has 2 different support staff help him with work.  The remaining days he spends in a dayhab room working on rec leisure things, Ryan is his favorite staff.
  • He also has expressed some interest in becoming a radio announcer, so the agency vocational director goes with him  quarterly to visit local radio stations.
Dan’s goal is to get a good paying job and attend all the Bluegrass opportunities he can find.
At a quick glance Dan has 18  different people who help him in getting to his goal in life, seems manageable.  Now toss in the number of people by each of those “programs” –   Add 8 more for medical and 15 for dayhab staff for a GRAND TOTAL of 41 support staff in Dan’s life.  Now the fun begins of who has what access to what information?
  • One could argue that all  support staff have access to his health history- his diabetes crosses into all areas of his life.    SO ACCESS TO ALL.
  • Then there is the support staff implement at home to help Dan make sure he wears clean underwear each morning.  How can one argue the importance of the vocational director knowing this information?  SO ACCESS TO HOME ONLY.
  • Job coach supports him  in entering  his paycheck into his checkbook ledger each, one could argue it is benign enough information, right?  SO ACCESS TO ALL.
The list can go on and on. 

So I wonder, how are others determining access?  Are there any strong feelings one side or the other?  IF it were you receiving supports who would you want to know what?