Sometimes decisions we make as support providers are so complex and intense,  yet we fold them up and toss them in a box- giving far too  little thought.

Thinking specifically on how we determine where and with whom people live. When I contemplate the different life experiences that people supported have lived, I think from the two extremes.   College of Direct Support has a course on the history of disabilities where it reviews the horrors once  lived  in an institution, extreme ONE.  To  an article I read some time back in the Colorado Gazzette about young men living in their own apartment,  extreme  TWO.  So many factors to equate, funding, resources, desires, availability and the list goes on and on. 

It is easy to identify how much money to we have, what resources in staff do we have and what type of living quarters are available; but how to you determine  someone’s desire? 

I am extremely curious on how all you other providers determine who will live where and with whom.  Share  your all time favorite success story and/or the one story you wish you could re-write for someone.