Typcially we’ve used agency Splash Pages as announcements for specific Therap related issues: “An updated T-Log Reference Guide has been sent via SComm, please be sure to review.”  Non-Therap related information has always been sent as a flyer within staff paychecks: “Interested in earning more money?  Individualized Services is looking for…”

Recently, however, we decided to try something new.  We created a Splash Page to let users know that we were hiring for a specific position and listed the phone number to contact if they knew anyone interested.  Since that Splash Page, I’ve received additional requests for other similar needs, “Mary Active, a resident at First Street Group Home, is looking for someone that would be interested in volunteering for …” 

So here is my next thought… when a staff sees this Splash Page, it might not interest them at first, so they click on the box “Do not show this message again.”  But later that week, they need the information that was in that Splash Page.

Wouldn’t it be beneficial for users to have the ability to access old Splash Pages?  I know that there have been times when I’ve clicked on that box, just to realize two days later that I needed the information again, for example, release notes.  Some users would be able to find them on the homepage, but others might not.

Here’s my feedback: Category-Suggestion, Summary-Access to old Splash Pages, Description-“It would be beneficial if users could access old Splash Pages that they have clicked not to be shown. There may be information within them that at that time they don’t need, but may need at a later date.”

I’ll let you know if there’s anything interesting in “My Issues” tomorrow!

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