Good afternoon (where I am anyways!),

I suppose I will start my first blog entry by introducing myself.  My name is Tony Puckett, and I am a Residential Manager for an ICF/Retirement home at Opportunity Foundation in Williston, ND.  You may have seen Williston in the news for either all the oil activity or as the coldest place in the US.  I also am one of the Therap Administrators for our agency, and am the Therap trainer.  (They call me the local Therap guru around here:-)

I just finished training a Therap class for our new employees on Wednesday.  I absolutely love training, and I love Therap, so I always look forward to the classes.  One area that I find very important when training is T-Logs.  In the pre-Therap days, we would write Progress Notes.  Each supervisor would give their new employees a quick run-down of the different charting, and the employees would read through old progress notes and then begin writing their own.  Today, I attempt to work with employees on what they should include in T-Logs, ways they word things to maintain respect and professionalism, and such.  This can at times be challenging. 

Two main things I stress to employees on T-Logs are:
  1)  When I read your T-Log, will I have any questions?  If so, you may want to expound a little more!
  2)  If the person you are writing about was your child, how would you feel after reading the T-Log?

What about your agency?  When training on T-Logs are there any tricks you use to train new employees?  Is there any specific training material you have that would help other agencies?  Share some our your ideas with us!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!