We’re utilizing the Template Library more and more these days and therefore, the list is getting bigger and bigger.  If you can remember the author or name of the template you are looking for, the search function works great.  But, if you have to look through the list, finding it is much more challenging.

To fix this problem, I’ve suggested that departments name all of their program specific templates with a prefix.  For example, our behavior plans in the ISP Program all start with “BP:” no matter the ABSS that writes it or the program that it belongs.  In TMS, we’ve named all of our residential specific classes starting with “RES:”.

Applying this to the names of ISP Programs in the library will make it easier to search the information, since you’ll always know that your templates start with that specific prefix, no matter the author or name of of the program.

Just a thought I wanted to share!!!  Thanks!