Day one of the North Dakota Conference has come to an end.  There have been many great classes and discussions.  It was great to be able to count myself in with the elite group of users with Bonnie and Cheryl.  (even if I am the new kid on the block!)

We were discussing in the Group Discussion on Policies and Procedures the concept of sharing our thoughts on policies with other agencies.  One way to view what other agencies have created, or to share your current documents, is by using the Global Template Library.   Already there is a sample policy attached by Therap’s very own Allison!

To view this, from your First Page, scroll down to the Global Template Library.  Click on ‘Global Attached File Template Library’.  Click on ‘Search’, and you will see the currently attached files, including the ‘Sample Policy’.

What are your thoughts?  What policy changes have you made since instituting Therap at your agency?  What are your thoughts on the Sample Policy listed?