Now that I have your attention with the title of the post!!!!!

One of the very helpful features of Therap is the Event Summary.  At LifeQuest we are trying different approach to facilitate using this feature more and hopefully having an even more positive impact on supports for people.

Not everyone is like me and enjoys learning about how to use excel to manipulate your information to track for trends and such.  While that is hard for me to understand – it is true!  So we have now started a group that met for the first time today – that will be the “go to” people for obtaining information through the event summary and using fun things like pivot tables and charts to get information to the teams who need it.

Our first and most important task was coming up with a name for the group.  Now the title of the post is accounted for!  Yes, we are the Stats Cats! 

Although we may have some disagreement on what “level” of expertise some members have in excel – it is a fun group!  I still say I’m a beginner – no matter what Mark Limberg says!!!

This is going to be interesting to see how this concept develops over time.  I’ll have to keep you posted on how it is going!