Well – I did it!  I splurged and bought an iPad.  I’d been debating whether or not to make that final leap – but what Tony wants – Tony gets!  (just ask my wife:-)  Of course, the first thing I had to do was get the cellular plan hooked up so I can access it from anywhere.

I’ve had a lot of fun downloading games and apps for the device – but what has been great is that I can easily access Therap and review my T-Logs and GERs, and read my S-Comms.  It’s quicker and MUCH more user friendly that a blackberry and more compact than a laptop.  I can easily take it with me wherever I go and never have to leave work behind!

What I find slightly humorous, is my wife mentioned she can easily access her Therap next week when we are on vacation (we work   together).   Just to think, she used to complain that I Therap too much – I’m slowly turning her into a devoted Therapite!!!

Till next time!    ~ Tony