Check out the Release Notes:

Dear Users

Therap is happy to bring to you Version 8.13 of Therap Applications. With this release to be made on June 30, 2010, the following enhancements will be added to the system:

Medication History and Medication Administration Records

A time based filter has been added to MARs. This will allow users to specify a time range and filter medications due for that specific time range. This makes entering medication information more convenient.
A ‘Medication Review’ feature has been added to Medication History and MAR. This feature will enable users to create a report on active medications within a specified date range, using different criteria (Scheduled, PRN etc.). The report is generated in a pdf format with signature lines for the physician who will be reviewing it. This feature also allows users to scan and attach a reviewed report to MAR.Screenshot of Medication History section on FirstPage

Attendance & ISP

  • While generating Billing data from the Attendance module, providers in NY will now have the ISP Plans and Hab Plans validated against ‘Effective Date’ instead of ‘Date of Approval’. This has been done to ensure better consistency and compliance.
  • If a Task / Staff Action is scored as Non-Reportable in ISP Data, it will now be excluded from the calculation of total number of Face to Face services.
  • In the ‘Generate Billing Data’ tab under Attendance, Full Day/Half Day(FD/HD/L2) calculation is determined for each day from Attendance time duration and Bundling Rules. In case of Face to Face Count, it is pulled from ISP Data. Both of these are now taken into account when generating Billing Data from Attendance.

We look forward to your valuable feedback about the new release. Please continue sharing your questions, comments and suggestions as these help us to design a better and more flexible system for you.