Well!  I had my evaluation yesterday!  Can’t say I was disappointed…but thinking about what all you’ve done in a year can exhaust you!  (No wonder I’ve missed two meetings in the last week!  Thankfully that wasn’t on my evaluation!)

Here is a brief highlight of a couple things that I can say I am proud to have done in the past year though…

1)  Trained our entire agency on Therap and instituted Therap into all departments in our agency!  I can tell you this was no easy task!  There are those people who are excited because they love technology.  But….there are those people who have never touched a computer in their life…those who don’t like change…(and of course those who just seem to not like anything at all!)  But, we pressed on and today everyone in our agency uses the program and we keep taking on more and more of it!  A lot of those people who were nervous about utilizing Therap are now some of our most devoted Therapites and love the program!

2)  Became the Provider/Administrator!  That was a task to learn.  My supervisor got me added as a PA and I began playing and having fun and now am responsible for the PA side of Therap at our agency.  What can I say…I love playing with all those options and I think I have them mastered!?

3)  Became a Certified Therap Trainer!  This was a big personal goal of mine.  I really didn’t tell too many people that I was working towards it…but here I am.  (I was ever so proud after my conference call with Allison that day…I immediately called my supervisor to brag!)  The funny thing is I had HORRIBLE internet connection the day I had my interview with Allison, and she asked me where I was as the connection was so bad…well…Williston, ND…JUST about the end of the Earth!  :-)

Well, it looks like the past year has revolved around Therap for me, but that was only a small portion of my accomplishments.  Now the problem is I look at last years accomplishments and think, “How am I gonna top that this year!?”

You all take care out there, and chat at ya on my next posting!