Thursday evening started out as any other Thursday evening does. Went to work, checked my Therap, responded to some S-Comms, entered some follow-ups on some T-Logs, and then began helping with supper and assisting some of the folks that live in the house. Then it began raining. A few of us gathered by the back door enjoying watching the rain and the lightening and listening to the thunder. The lights flickered a few times but nothing too major…and then the lights went out!

A few of the folks in the house got a little nervous, so we decided to pull out the cheesecake and enjoy a little indulgence in the dark! What a treat! Should only be for a short time…right! Across the street out the back door the electric company brought in several trucks to work on the main power station. We watched them out the back door for quite some time. Then…the power in the emergency lights began going out one by one. We assisted everyone to bed before it got too dark.

My assistant and I went into the living room and began discussing everything that still needed to be done for the night, but wasn’t getting done due to the power outage…including Therap. She then pulled out her blackberry, pulled up Therap, and began doing the evenings charting on Therap! Now, I have a blackberry, and I have an iPad, and I consider myself tech savvy…but I believe she borrowed that title from me Thursday evening as she sat in the recliner in the living room doing her charting on Therap, T-Logs and ISPs!

Just goes to show, evening a power outage can’t stop you from charting your Therap! Way to go Vicky!!!