I’m sitting in Pennsylvania at my grandparents house all by myself…sitting up at the counter on my laptop…catching up on my Therap and my emails and getting a little bit of work done.

I was supposed to do a webinar on Tuesday, which was postponed due to a family emergency.  (I was really looking forward to that webinar too!)  We found out a couple weeks ago that my grandmother was moved into a nursing home.  My parents and I, along with my 4-year old daughter KaiAna booked a flight and flew halfway across the country to come see how Grammy is doing.  (That’s why the webinar got postponed.)

It’s been quite the adjustment for Grammy, for Grampa, and for us.  We get so used to seeing Grammy in the kitchen baking, not sitting in a small room in a wheelchair!  We assisted her to the van (where I got the honors of loading and unloading multiple times throughout the evening…thanks to my experience), and to Williamsport to the doctor today.  At some point this evening my mother and I got to talking…going through an experience like this gives you a WHOLE different outlook on the people you serve!  (My mother has worked in this field for over 25 years, starting at at the Grafton State School.)  I’ve always told my staff, treat people the way you would want yourself or your family to be treated!  As we have been assisting Grammy or watching staff with her, it is placing us on a different side of the fence then we are used to being.  I am used to assisting the folks at work, and speaking with their families, and having new folks move into the group home (I manage a retirement group home), and seeing their uncertainty and nervousness, and now I find myself thinking about them as I sit in this position.

Each day as you encounter each person, remember, you never know when you could be sitting in their shoes!

Hopefully my rambles mean something so someone who reads this…Take care!  -Tony