Well, after what seems a lifetime, I am home!  My first morning home, I thought I would freeze to death!  After spending 1 1/2 weeks in Pennsylvania suffering through temperatures that reached right below 100 and much humidity, I arrived home to temperatures in the lower 40’s.  Of course, this is September in North Dakota, which can only mean one thing….winter is coming!  Am I ready???  I THINK NOT!  I’m thinking moving to Tucson, Arizona looks kinda tempting right now!

Of course being home means LOTS of catching up to do.  And of course there are meetings, meetings, and more meetings.  Which causes me to think, Therap is a wonderful lifeline.  The whole time I was gone I had the opportunity to read Therap on a daily basis, and know what was going on with the folks we serve and the staff, and I was able to walk in and not feel completely out of the loop.

I had a meetings with my assistants today and we were talking about Therap and the need to log in each morning to check things out.  I reminded my staff, ‘Remember, Therap is here for the folks!  Keep it in that context!  It enables you to serve the people better!’

Everyone have a great rest of the week!