I polled several of our locations on how long it takes staff to utilize Therap to do their daily charting versus the time it used to take staff to do their charting on paper. The polls included staff from charting on 26 differing individuals, including both group homes and apartment settings. The charting includes a regular day utilizing T-Logs and ISP Data. Following are the results from my polls. All figures are approximate.

Based on 64 individuals in the agency.

The average time to do charting per individual in the agency on Therap is 4.13 minutes. The average time utilizing paper charting was 5.99 minutes.

The total time staff spend each day charting on Therap is 4.41 hours.

The total time staff would spend using paper each day is 6.39 hours. This leaves staff a total of almost 2 hours agency wide to spend in direct care each day with the individuals.

Based on an average salary of $10, this would save the agency $19.84 per day on staff doing paperwork. This totals to $138.88 per week, and $7,221.76 for the year saved on paperwork, and directed towards working with the people!

Obviously the choice is clear…USE THERAP!!!

Stay tuned – Coming next:  Saving Paper!