Two weeks ago I presented my webinar on ‘Training Your Staff To Use Therap’.  We had a some-what small turnout, which made it very nice for some open discussion and thoughts on the varied ways to train Therap, and some brainstorming on getting new staff onboard with using Therap.

One topic that came up was working with staff who are not quite so savy on computers.  At Opportunity Foundation in Williston, ND, we have had the privilige of offering an Intro to Computers class through TrainND, a local training site with our college.  The employees who have attended the class learned skills that will not only be valuable at work, but has been very useful in their personal lives.  I will have to mention though that this was made possible as I train the class for TrainND, so was able to work out the logistics of offering the class to our employees.  With that being said, it is a possibility for organization to order similar training material through the internet and use it to provide basic computer training to employees who would benefit.

Of course, that brings us to the question of who would benefit from such training.  Unfortunately, when asking staff, who could use basic computer skills training, not too many people say, “ME, PICK ME, I NEED IT!”  We were able to identify employees who would benefit from the training by simple observation.  During Therap training, people can be identified.  Supervisors could suggest people from observing them during data entry at their site.  From that point, it is simply offering the training to the employee.  I wouldn’t suggest making a big deal out of that.  Pull the employee aside and make a simple offer.  (We are not trying to point out that people are struggling, just making an offer for additional training!)

That brings us to the next point….can we identify a persons computer skills during an interview.  Of course, if your applications are done online, that makes it quite simple.  But Allison had a good point…ask a person during the interview process about their computer skills.  Does the person utilize facebook or myspace or do they have email?  Simple questions such as those will help identify their abilities.  Then you need to decide if it is a pre-requisite to the job, or are we just identifying that they may need additional assistance?

I’d love to hear other peoples thoughts…what are you currently doing?  What ideas do you have?

Please share them…we’d all love to hear!

Till later:)