I just finished reading the book Power Friending by Amber Mac.  It was a very eye-opening book and she does a wonderful job walking a person through the many different types of social media available, and the best ways to utilize it for your advantage.  She also walks through some massive mistakes made by companies when using social media.  For more information on the book, click here!

It has really got me to thinking…what types of social media do different agencies use?  I head up our community education comittee at our agency, and was thinking, what a great opportunity we have by utilizing social media.  Of course, Facebook is a widely spread site being used by the majority of our employees.  Therap of course has a Facebook page…(if you haven’t liked it yet, stop now and do so!)  Northern Hills Training Center in South Dakota has a facebook page.  I’m sure that there are more centers out there that utilize Facebook.

I’d like to know how you utilize Facebook, or any other social media at your agency?  What results have you seen from utilizing it?  How do you manage your social media?  Please take a moment and share with the rest of us!

Until next time – Tony