Welcome yet more smarty pants…Betty Visscher, the Vocational Supervisor, from LifeQuest in Mitchell, South Dakota, is now the newest certified trainer. She works with Bonnie, my BFF…so that makes two uber-nerds from the same agency. Betty knows EVERYTHING ’bout ISPs so track her down in New York.

And another…

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Sybil Morin is the Vice-President of Operations (& Awesomeness) for Lifeshare which operates in New Hampshire, Maine, Florida, North Carolina, Rhode Island…and lots of other places. I can’t remember all of them right now. I’m tired. Don’t judge me!

Both she and Betty will be in New York and you had better be there too! We will have a blast at the Provider Administrator Conference.

If you want to join the smarty pants club, let me know and maybe we will share the secret handshake…and also, in the new year, I plan on having some things in order for this herd of (Therap) nerds so watch out!