Man with Golden Voice

Two days ago, I watched this story on the Today Show about the man with “the golden voice.”  It immediately captivated me and I sat and watched in amazment.  Here is a man that perfected his passion into a career only to lose it for more than twenty years to drugs, alcohol, and homelessness.  He panhandled on the streets of Ohio using his “voice” to get him a dollar.  Then one day, he was “discovered” by a man who worked  in the media and is now the hottest thing on the market!  [Amazing] What was so interesting to me was his incredible humility and hope.  When asked about his talent/gift he responded that although he had been plagued with the effects of alcohol, drugs, homelessness and did not look the part of someone with this kind of talent… “somehow the voice remained residing within” him.  [Wow].

As I continued to watch the follow up stories on this man Ted Williams, I begin to think about the individuals that we serve everyday.  I begin to think about the “voices residing within” and how sometimes we can look past some voices, talents, and gifts they may possess due to the outward appearance or the diagnoses hanging over their heads.  Even for people that may not have the ability to use spoken or signed word to speak, have a voice residing within them.  I think about the many people that may have passed Mr. Ted Williams in his twenty years on the streets.  How many people actually spoke to him everyday but never really saw the value of the voice? 

This story makes me think about my twenty years in the field.  I think about all the ISP meetings, special case conferences, goals, and plans.  I would like to know that we listened to the voice residing within.  That we were not just passersby, but we are like that media man that took the time to explore and expose a deeper story…the voice residing within.  If we do this, there are more amazing stories to be told…