Hey there folks!  Hope everyone is doing well.  Me….I’m freezing up here in the north-western corner of North Dakota!  Currently we’re sitting at -8 (-13 with the windchill).  Tonight calls for a low of -20…we won’t even talk about windchill!

I wanna take a few moments today to talk (or type) about the Certified Trainer Program.  A couple weeks ago I recieved a phone call from another agency in North Dakota questioning me about the process of becoming a Certified Trainer.  As much as I enjoy being the sole Certified Trainer in North Dakota, of course I had to encourage her to begin the process.  For any agencies worried about the process becoming a strain on your agency, please lay aside those concerns!  The process is not too straining, and the requirements will not cause too much strain either!

Check out the requirements here, and begin the process!  It will network you with other agencies using the program and enable idea-sharing that will only benefit your agency.  It was one of the greatest moves I’ve made.  If you have any questions or concerns about the process or the requirements, contact Allison and she’ll walk you through the process!

Well everyone…take care, stay warm, and I’ll see you in Fishkill!!!

-Tony  (saying ‘brrrrr’)  :)