Were you aware that Therap absolutely LOVES to hear your ideas to improve and expand their system?  Well…they DO!  Therap takes into account what we the users would like to see in the system when they look at developing new parts to the program or when making changes to the program!

A quick look at Therap Ideas today will show MANY wonderful ideas…for example having appointments auto-populate on the Therap calendar.  Or having the calendar send out a notification when you have an appointment coming up.  There are submissions to have a task list or check list of the daily documentation showing staff what has been charted versus what is left.

Of course, a common suggestion is to have a spell check within Therap.  I will mention for those of you who don’t realize, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome both have spell checks available.  (iespell.com for Internet Explorer)

Another idea you will read about is adding hot-keys to Therap.  (For example, you could press Ctrl-T to enter a new T-Log?)

Another great feature within the Therap Ideas, is you can add your comments to suggestions, and cast a positive or negative vote on each idea!  The higher score an idea gets, obviously the more popular it is, which means more Therap users would like to see it happen.

If you haven’t done so lately, log into your Therap account, go to the bottom of the screen, and click on Therap Ideas and start checking them out!  If you have something you’d like to see change in Therap, enter a new suggestion.  One recommendation I will add though, before you start adding, check out the list of current ideas…someone else may have already suggested it and you can just add another postive vote to it!

Take care everyone!  Have a happy and safe weekend!