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Making room.

Who said that spring was the only time for spring cleaning?  After one year with Therap, we decided to start cleaning up all the paper.  It took months to file and box paper documents but BOY did we make space! We were actually able to make an office out of a room that was previously used for files!

This is one of the major benefits of Therap…paper production is extremely limited.  We have saved time, money on supplies, and trees! 

5 reasons to get, buy, join,  Love Therap!

  1. Place for everthing and everthing in its place (Storage): Since Therap is internet based, you can tell your Office Manager to stop ordering file cabinets.  Printing and paper documentation is significantly reduced.  Now you have the space to make that office gym!
  2. Who moved my documents out the book? (Organized):  Therap does the work for you.  Your documents are organized and convenient, making a better data trail.  Instead of spending time asking “what happened to that ISP that was in the book.”  All documents are nicely arranged and computer generated.  No more trying to translate illegible and incomplete documents.
  3. Quality Time:  More focus on care, less focus on books.  Since documentation is readily available, reviewers can audit records at any time and spend more time with the individual being supported instead of books.  Less time with paper=more time for people (who would of thunk it or who would of THERAP it). 
  4. Security: Paper documents could have been accessible to all BUT with Therap access is privileged and assigned.  Only authorized users have access. 
  5. YOU BECOME SUPERMAN: Able to monitor all locations in a single bound (I mean a single click).  Providers of multiple locations would normally have to travel site to site to read records.  With Therap: Coordinators, Nurses, House Managers, Directors and the like can view ALL information for ALL locations at the same time from ONE location.  This allows for better prioritizing based on needs essentially being more efficient.