Whew….One busy week left!

My day started with a phone call at 7:20 this morning…from an employee who sounded WAY too chipper!  (I had to give her a hard time later on:)  From there the week began.  I had an enjoyable training this morning with our Program Coordinators on Therap which included some great discussion.  Then I went and filed my taxes this afternoon.

Thursday I am looking forward to a meeting with my assistants working on some goal setting for the year.   Then comes Saturday, when I get to train new hires on Therap!  Of course, in the middle of all this are additional meetings and appointments. 

But then comes Monday morning!  I’m looking forward to getting to Fishkill and meeting more Therap users, attending more Therap classes, learning all I can learn, and enjoy the discussions!

See you all next week!