It’s been pointed out to me that it has been ONE WHOLE YEAR since I’ve posted a blog (shame on me)!!!  Time flies when you’re having fun on Therap!!!  Long story short as to my absence… I’m still the Queen, but there is a new Therap Administrator at TRC, Letisha, and I’m sure that you’ve seen some of her blogs.

Well, now I’m back at Fishkill and it seems like old home week to me!!!  I’ve seen so many friends that I haven’t seen in years… Kara, Allison, Maureen, Anna, Richard, Justin, Kris, Stephen, Bonnie, Pete,Cheryl, and I’ve already met some new friends!!  It’s been a great time full of laughter and we haven’t even had one session… tomorrow should be awesome!!! Hope to see you here, but if not, I’ll try to keep you posted!!!

Now, if I could just get Jim to burn that stupid Packers sweater.