Picture of Landscape, Sky and Mountain

From above.

I made it to the Fishkill Therap Conference! As soon as I got on the Thruway (87 North) found memories flooded my head.  As a native New Yorker, I could not fathom the idea of leaving NYC for college when I graduated high school, so I chose to stay in the state and attend SUNY The College at New Paltz.  I had some of the best years of my life! 

During this time, I was able use my skills to assist individuals living with disabilities.  There are some great agencies in this area.  I absolutely loved working for United Cerebral Palsy in Ulster County, specifically Lasher House. I learned how to really be  supportive.  I built friendship and skills that remain with me to this very day.

Life today could not exist without my most valuable experience at Occupations, Inc.  Being one of the largest providers of services in Orange County, NY for individuals living with disabilities, sky was the limit on my growth and development.  Because of their support (much love to Yvette and Melissa), we were able to make dreams come true!  Sure wish they were at the Therap Conference. Emoticon showing smiley face

Even fonder, I met my husband at SUNY New Paltz and we married at Anthony’s Pier 9 overlooking the Hudson River.  Both having a love for the field, I cannot forget the time we both worked at the Anderson School for Autism.  They do a great job of creating wonderful educational and meaning activities for children and adults with Autism.  Loved attending all the company functions at the Mental Health Association where he also worked.

This is my homage to the Hudson Valley…