Wow – what a busy week!  I had in my mind to enter a blog post each evening, and it just didn’t happen yesterday!

Wednesday morning started with a presentation by Oracle on everything you’d ever want to know on securing the data you put into Therap.  Basically, what I can tell you, is your data is safe!  Don’t ask me how!  :-)  I followed that up with a discussion on ‘How to truly become paperless’.  There was much discussion on how to utilize Therap to get all your data into the system and get rid of paper.  One common thread among many users of course is state requirements mandating they keep signatures on file.  Following that discussion was an introduction to eCHAT.  (Electronic Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool)  eCHAT was created for New Mexico users and is a wondeful tool that allows you to keep a full medical record of each individual, and pulls data from varied portions of Therap and allows the nurse to enter data from her yearly assessment.  The tool also has links to varied websites allowing you to utilize the different resources available.  Watch for more on this!  You’ll love it!

Then our day had an exciting twist to it!  We got to participate in an unplanned fire drill!  We gathered outside and enjoyed the chilly air of NY, until some of us decided it was time to head across the parking lot to the Hampton to warm up!

Original Picture is Unavailable Original Picture is Unavailable

 Then came the fun at 5 pm – we laoded the tour buses and headed into the city!

First we enjoyed pizza at Rays!  Good ol’ New York Style pizza.

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And then on to Times Square for an evening of shopping.  We sure spent some ‘cold cash’!  (Cold being the key word!)  And yes – I did insert a pic of me in Times Square!  A true tourist:-)

Thursday envveloped conversations on policies regarding Therap useage, using Therap on a mobile device, staff using Therap outside of the work setting, etc.  While there are many differing thoughts on this, it is clear that agencies must set a policy and an expectation for staff.  (Please feel free to comment regarding what your agency has developed for policies when beginning your journey with Therap!)  I was also pleased to meet Vicci on Thursday!  Vicci works at the DD office in North Dakota, and we had to come all the way to New York, and get almost completely through the conference before meeting!  It was a pleasure to meet her and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations!

If you weren’t here – make it a point for next year!  While there was lots of fun had, I can’t even begin to explain how much I gained from the conference.  Thanks for a great time Therap!!!