Well the Therap Conference in Fishkill has ended but the memories are forever.  My take home thoughts are as follows:

The discussion around electronic signatures started off my first session.  Providers discussed and shared how electronic signatures can be used and how to develop policies around them.  Loved connecting with Tahseen (system analyst from Therap) who is going to work with the DC folks to “therap-a-rize” the consents required for different services.  I can imagine guardians and family members being able to log in and sign the consent!

INDIVIDUAL HOME was a highlight!  Love, love, love the new module that will allow users to to view detailed information regarding an Individual practically all on one page.  Love that there is an Album section for photos. Pictures speak 1000 words.  This is a great space for the individuals we serve to celebrate their lives in photos.

Therap conference was so hot that it set off the fire alarms.  Although is was only 7 degrees and most folks did not have a coat, we evacuated into the crisp mountain air until the fire department cleared the building.  Original Picture is Unavailable

Original Picture is Unavailable

The DC Therap Users group got a chance to meet together to discuss ways to improve Therap use.  A new user group (date and time TBA) will focus on how to incorporate QA tools used in the District of Columbia into Therap modules for compliance monitoring.  Somehow, I got elected to Chair this group??!!

Later that day, SJCS-DC added another Certified Trainer to the bunch… Antonio Brown, RN!  Way to go!!!

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I told Richard that the one of my favorite hightlights about coming to the conference was the ability to work directly with the programmers! 

I look forward to all the enhancements to the Mobile Apps including GPS tracked data entry!  Wow.

Looking forward to seeing how we can incorporate eCHAT into our agency to enchance our medical service delivery.  I know the nurses will be excited.:)

Although I didn’t take the trip to the city with the group, I did end the conference with a new pair of shoes…my favorite hobby.;)

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Overall, we had a great time, learned a tremendous amount, and met a lot of cool people. 

Now that’s The-rap up.