I went to my first therap conference this past week and it was fun. Fortunately, I have verizon wireless air card inside of my HP notebook, therefore, I had internet access all week! Sorry, for those who had internet issues. I thought it was kind of ironic that I was at a conference that showcases electronic charting using a website base and half the time there was no connection or internet issues; makes you go Hmmmm.
Anyway, outside of that and the fire drill, it was a good conference for me. I actively participated in several areas of focus such as: ISP program, GER, MAR, and CARF just to name a few. I had the opportunity to meet and network with other Therap users and share ideas. The highlight of the conference was, I had the opportunity to prove that I was a “SmartyPants” and become a certified trainer! I now join the ranks of other certified trainers at my agency (St. John’s Community Services). I was so excited, I left without learning the secret handshake!
Overall, I had a blast and can not wait to implement and train my other fellow nurses and staff on the new updates to the MAR. Well until next time, goodbye!

Antonio Brown RN