At LifeQuest we are very excited about the Individual Home Page!

While in New York JP (my husband) and I were able to connect with family for dinner at PJ Clarke’s in New York City.  It was a very enjoyable evening!

Of course servers using a touch screen wall mounted computer caught my attention.  I was impressed with the efficiency of processing orders  It was very busy in the restaurant and I was impressed with how quickly they processed numerous orders and quickly entered updates.  If someone ordered another drink it was a quick entry into the computer and on to the next customer. 

While I was too far away to see “details” of the screen I was able to see there was a screen that had the layout of the restaurant.  The server would touch the table and another screen quickly popped up and they again touched several sqaures (very rapidly I might add).  I’m assuming it had categories such as drinks, appetizers, dinners, etc.  When they were ready to process the bill a receipt appeared on the screen. They were able to process credit cards with this same computer and print receipts on a small stand by the computer.  Minimal space required for the entire operation.

The Individual Home Page is evidence that Therap is once again responsive to feedback and making access to information for employees/families reviewing and entering information more user friendly and efficient.

Thanks Therap!