Therap does a wonderful job of keeping the data we enter safe…but part of the responsibility lies in the user.

I was thinking about this fact today when I accompanied an individual to a doctors appointment.  The nurse came in and logged into their system and entered vital signs and the weight, asked all the right questions and entered the data into the system.  She then logged out of the system, and left us to wait on the doctor. 

The doctor then entered the room.  He checked his patient over, and then logged into the system himself.  He reviewed the latest lab information and reviewed the transcription notes from the last visit.  He finished his exam, and left the room.  If you are following me, you will notice that when he left the room, he never logged out of the computer!

Now…I have been to this clinic over and over and over again…I have watched doctors and nurses utilize the program more times than I can count!  I could have easily hopped over into the desk chair and pulled up any other patients information, entered in prescriptions and faxed them to the pharmacy, or I could have grabbed a pen and paper and written down all types of confidential information.  I had at least 10 minutes sitting there before the nurse came back in.  (Thankfully I am an honest person!)

Let this serve as a reminder…when you leave the computer…log out of Therap!!!