What a week I had last week.  My wife and I loaded up the three children into the van, and off we drove to Tucson, AZ.  We drove straight through, which took 30 hours, and ‘battling’ a blizzard all the way through Wyoming, but made it Friday evening!

We had a wonderful time (as we always do in Tucson)!  We took the kids to the zoo, and hit up Old Tucson, and of course did a WHOLE LOTTA SHOPPING!  (including the Tanque Verde Swapmeet!!!)  The best part of the trip was Thursday’s 90 degree weather!

On Wednesday we loaded up and headed to Phoenix.  While there we met some good friends at Organ Stop Pizza.  While you are enjoying your pizza, an organ lifts out from the middle of the room, and you are surrounded by pipes (even from the ceiling), and a man begins playing the organ.  The music literally fills the room!  It was quite an experience!

We left to come home on Friday, and made it a slow, enjoyable drive.  We arrived home Sunday afternoon.  The problem began Monday morning!  I went searching for my keys, and they are nowhere to be found?  As of this post, still no keys?  Thankfully, the keys to my car were left home, and I had the van key on me.  The rest of my keys…keep an eye for them if you’re traveling between North Dakota and Arizona!  :-)