So which do you use?

At my agency, we use a combination of T-Girl and a live trainer. We utilize a 4 hour block of time (with 3 ten minute breaks.) Here is an overview of what we do:

• T-logs:
– Overview by T-Girl
– Review by live trainer of expectations of documentation at our agency
– Trainee documents T-Log in Test Mode

• GERs:
– Overview by T-Girl
– Trainee documents section by section with live trainer and focuses on agency policies and procedures.

• S-Comm:
– Overview by T-Girl
– Trainer sends S-Comm to all trainees
– Trainee sends an S-Comm to trainer

• Health Tracking:
– Overview by T-Girl
– Trainee documents simultaneously while T-Girls discusses how to document a seizure

• Reports:
– Overview by T-Girl
– Live trainer reviews specific information depending on super roles assigned to trainees

• Help and Support:
– Overview by T-Girl
– Discussion by live trainer regarding Therap Support, Issues, Live Help, Help and Support
– Overview by live trainer regarding TMS

• ISP Data:
– Overview by live trainer regarding what ISP Data is
– Trainee documents a goal in Test Mode

• Individual Home:
– Live trainer shows this new feature in Therap and encourages trainees to use this

We end the training with an evaluation of the training (a open ended questionnaire) and have received great feedback using both the Automated training and a live trainer.
We also have, “Therap Office hours” on payday Fridays (every other Friday) that allow users to brush up and ask questions about Therap.
Please let me know what innovative tips you have for training new/existing employees!

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