I had been wanting the iPad 2, and had been watching Wal-Mart to get them back in stock. My wife was calling Wal-Mart on an almost daily basis, and each day was told they didn’t have them. We finally got sick of calling Wal-Mart every day and had not called for a couple days. I was in Wal-Mart on Saturday evening, and walked past the iPad case, and there it sat! It was calling out to me, yelling ‘TAKE ME HOME!’ How could I turn it down:-)

It has this cool little app called Photo Booth that you can take some pretty warped pictures of people. I have had a BLAST playing with thiat. I had heard about Facetime. I had a friend with in iPod Touch and we played with it a little on Sunday after church.

I’m sitting at work today and wanted to put Facetime to the test…so I plugged in Allison’s emailed address and pressed the button and next thing I know, I’m having a nice little video chat with Allison! Talk about cool!

Check out the video highlighting Facetime!