Spring Fever for Therap in Western NY is here! Last week I had the opportunity to meet with two different agencies from Buffalo about Therap. One agency was almost ready to sign-up, so it was a quick meeting to discuss implementation and some dos and don’ts. The other agency was just thinking about using Therap, so we spent the day, showing them how much TRC loves Therap and what the system can do!

Today, I have been working on arranging for an agency from Rochester to come meet with us to discuss Therap. This agency already uses Therap for MSC, but wants to expand to Residential, Day Hab, and Community Hab. Since we use Therap in all these areas (and more!) they have contacted us to help them move forward. Also, another local agency just contacted our HR department and is looking to talk to us.

Last fall when I became the provider admin for TRC, I knew I would be meeting lots of new people at conferences, but didn’t expect this. I really enjoy meeting with other agencies. However, I do wonder if this counts for Therap Points as Information Sessions (any idea Tony)?

On top of the agency to agency sessions that have been going on, tomorrow, myself, Renee (Thearp Queen), and Bev (Certified Trainer specializing in MARs) are attending the User Group at CSDD! It sounds like there will be a great turnout, so I can’t wait to learn and meet more Therap Gurus!  Emoticon showing smiley face