“Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.” ~ John Cotton Dana~

For those of us who enjoy teaching others it is important that we never think we know it all because the individuals that you are teaching can certainly surprise you.  As a trainer it is important to set the tone of the training because one must remember that first impressions mean a lot and sometimes if the tone of the training is not set correctly, that will sour someone’s training experience.  So how do you set the tone of the training that you are doing.  By following these three simple tips the tone should be set for a great training.

  • Greeting.  Introduce yourself to your audience and have your audience introduce themselves to you and each other.   Get to your location ahead of time and get set up so that you will have the opportunity to greet the trainees at the door when they come in. 
  • Ice Breakers.  Now is a great time to break the ice between the participants and yourself.  By running a short activity the participants are able to get to know each other and also this will help energize the atmosphere as being a fun learning experience.  You can find thousands of choices on the Internet
  • Ground Rules.  By setting ground rules for your training session this will help in the way that people interact with each other.  Prepare the rules ahead of time, but always get the participants’ feedback if more need to be added.