I was digging for some paperwork today, and came across the folder from our annual conference for NDACP. It got me to thinking…one year ago I was looking forward to going to NDACP next week. Following NDACP, I was driving back to Minot to board a plane. My wife…myself…minus the children…heading for a three night stay in a resort on the beach in Miami, followed by a five night cruise through the Caribbean!

This May…my wife…myself…three children….home….work….you get the point!

I suppose we will have to make the best of it and hit up the parks and enjoy this spring weather that seems to be trying to stick around! We may have to have some more impromptu weekends. We both had last Friday off, so I called my wife on Thursday shortly before 9 PM and said pack the suitcase for a two-night stay. I headed home, loaded the family in the van, and off we went to Billings for a few nights!

It may not be the Caribbean, or Miami, or a beach, but sometimes a person just needs to get away!

Who know, maybe next weekend we’ll be knocking on Allison’s door:-)