I’m looking for ideas and a better way to track information so here goes:

Each day we are tracking what individuals are having for lunch. We need to know the specifics on what they ate not just the percentages. It really doesn’t matter what time as generally everyone eats lunch between 11:00 and 1:00 so time is irrelevant
Right now we are creating a t-log on Monday then updating each day titling it the dates of the week. This works but we really can’t run a report and you can’t see each day separately when you export it to excel. I know we could do one for each day but that’s a lot of t-logs to review by staff in addition to the other things.
I have looked into the intake/elimination area but that doesn’t show comments (if we were to put the food at lunch in that box) when we run reports.

Any help would be appreciated. Any ideas on where else to track this?