Ok, I have been a trainer for sometime and have finally gotten around to doing my first blog! (Had to figure out how to sign on, I am glad that Therap itself wasn’t that hard!!)

I work for The Resource Center in NY and we have been using Therap  since 2006 at my homes. We are using the MAR and my staff love it. Once they got use to it. They love being able to filter the meds as when we first started you couldn’t do that. We are looking forward to the changes that will come with the release of 9.0.

I will be at the WV conference next week as well as doing a Webinar on the MAR on Monday the 23rd. It will be nice to be at the conference in WV as my family is from there and I hope to get in some family time as well with them. So maybe I will see some of you there.