Wow!  April 26th was my last blog!  I am REALLY slacking…(or I’m just so busy I haven’t had a chance)!  Depends on who you ask:-)

A lot has happened in the last month.  9.0 was released!  I’m interested to here what people have already started using Time Tracking for…leave some comments and share what your experience so far has been with it!

In May I had the opportunity to attend NDACP (North Dakota Association of Community Providers) Annual Conference.  (I even saw Justin there!)  While there, Patty Eide, one of my assistant managers was awarded DSP of the Year.  She was one out of seventeen across the state to recieve the award, presented by Lieutenant Governor Wrigley.  Way to go Patty!


In other news, our agencies community education committee has set up a facebook profile.  Search for Opportunity Foundation, Inc. in Williston, ND to see us online!  We are also in the process of putting together a presentation to present at local schools, clubs, churches, and basically to educate whoever is willing to listen about overcoming disabilities.  If anyone has any ideas to throw my way, please do!  I’m always willing to listen:-)

Up here in ND we are dealing with a lot of flooding.  Minot and Bismarck have been sandbagging like crazy.  So far Williston has a lot of flooded basements but we are feeling somewhat safe, provided the water released from Fort Peck Dam doesn’t come our way to fast!  The picture below is a road right outside of town leading to a boat ramp and picnic area.  I don’t think anyone will be having lunch there for awhile!  Of course, with all this excess water, I’m sure the mosquitoes will be worse than ever this year!  (If that’s possible in Williston!  They are HORRIBLE here EVERY year!)

Well…I’ve rambled enough.  I hope everyone out in Therapville enjoys their summer!