We have been enjoying some warm but smoky weather in Fairbanks. We have several wildfires nearby that have burned a lot of land and several people have lost cabins or out buildings. They are not threatening us in town but defiantly are hard on the respiratory system.

For me personally Dog show season has started and I spend a lot of time traveling the 350 miles south to Anchorage to go to weekend dog shows. Memorial Day weekend was our kick off show and it was right here in Fairbanks which was great but a lot of work since I am on the show committee. It is always fun catching up with old friends that you haven’t seen since the last show. It is a great big camp out at most the summer shows.

We have been busy with adjusting to all the great changes in 9.0 and adding MARs which everyone loves. We are still ironing out issues with using the ISPs and making sure that we meet our billing requirements in the ISP notes. It is a battle of the wills and how it should be laid out. If anyone has any samples of how they use the ISPs and if they use them for billing notes I would love to see how it works for you.

We have a lot of new staff coming on board and so I have been working on training.

We are looking forward to Allison visiting next month…. see you soon Allison!

Kristine Davis
North Pole, Alaska