I just completed my first read of Who Moved My Cheese – a classic, in ways that people deal with change.
If you have not read the book, I recommend that you locate a copy and share. If it has been awhile since you read it – dust if off and give it another read.
The names of the characters sum up quite a bit. Hem, Haw, Sniff and Scurry.
Where do you see yourself when dealing with CHANGE? Better yet, where do your co-workers see you when dealing with CHANGE?
As you move through the changes that happen in life, are you charting your own path or following someone else’s?
As you journey, whether charting new territory or following the expressway, what handwriting are you leaving on the wall for those that will follow?
What do the signs say? CAUTION, Stay the course, turn back, DO NOT PASS ! Or – Keep Moving, Look ahead, No-U-turns allowed, anticipate, let go, savor the adventure.
Change – remember to enjoy the flavors along the way.