“To the world you may be one person, but to one person, you may be the world”

I have to keep up with this blogging!  I too have been forgetful and busy with Therap!  

Was so excited to see Justin’s Webinar on 9.0 and got to see our new “Time Tracking Form”.    Here at Oak Hill we are very excited to start using this form for Sleeping Patterns, Mood + Anxiety Rating Scales, and so many other ideas have been brought to the table!   I am currently working on this as we speak.

We also held our 2nd “CT User Therap Group” and had 18 people at our meeting on Friday.  This was very exciting and what a great way to share everyone’s “THERAP” knowledge!  Looking forward to the next meeting.  I cannot wait to share with them how our Time Tracking Forms are coming along.

I am hoping after the Time Tracking training is done, we can start on developing the MAR!  We are such a big agency, I think we are all a bit nervous on this.  Any feedback would be welcome on how you all started!

Enjoy the summer months!  It all goes by so quickly……

Mary Beth Julian-Oak Hill CT