Hey folks…we’re still keeping out heads above water here in ND!  We are just taking it day by day.

I am sitting in a Therap class as I type, while my ‘students’ are working through their final excercise.  During the class I was playing a video we took of when Tom Pomeranz was here in Williston providing some training and consulting for our agency.  I was letting the folks who were working through their material faster than others use it rather than have dead time. 

I think we can all continue to learn additional lessons on supporting people to become more independent.  One phrase that leaps out at me is ‘GET A LIFE!’  We are here to support people in getting back their lives!  But how do we do that?

There are SO many ways…but here are a few small ones…

You work in a group home and it is time for meds.  Who opens the med cabinets and pulls out the meds?  Are they your meds?  Is the person who is going to be taking them capable of pulling them out?  They why aren’t they?  (Please don’t tell me because it’s your job to do it!)

Who set the table for supper last night?

Who decided what was for supper?

Who decided what to type in the T-Logs yesterday?

We can make up ALL kinds of excuses…but that’s what they end up being.  If you were on the other end of the supports, what would you want?  I know that I would want a say in my life…after all, it’s MY life.

Another thing that sticks out at me is the question what will this person’s life be like one year from now?  Are there going to be any changes or is it going to be the same as it is now?  We are here to support people in fulfilling their dreams and working towards the lifestyle they choose.  Do you know what they want from life?  If not, how are you going to help them get there? 

Maybe there is a goal…but who set that goal?  The QMRP, the manager, the guardian, or the person?  Once again we have to ask ourself, who’s life is it?

Just some food for though!

Until next time – Tony