So I got an iPhone just last week, which is really kinda funny, because I hate phones… they are way too auditory for my visual personality,  I don’t like talking on them, I frequently misplace mine, and I almost always let the battery die.  One of my co-workers actually said it was a waste of a good iPhone for me to even have one.

I say they’re just jealous, but in reality, I’m a techno-idiot.  I have no idea what the difference is between one search engine and another, why Microsoft is better/worse than Apple, I can’t even program my VCR (yep, still have one).  I’m pretty sure that if Pete or Justin read this, they are going to go into some sort of techno-babble about why it was a good/bad idea for me to get an iPhone (I’ll just shake my head up and down like I know what they are talking about).  That’s why I love Therap, it works even for a techno-idiot like me.

Back to my iPhone… can you guess what was my first downloaded App?  Therap’s T-Log App of course!!!  Logged in and there they were!  How cool is it to be able to read T-Logs while sitting on the sideline at my daughter’s soccer practice?!  Way Cool!  At first I wondered why the “Mark as Read and Go To Next” button was missing, but then I read my first T-Log, marked it as read, and realized it went right back to the T-Log list, so I could read the next one, the previous one, or any one on the list.

I was showing off the T-Log App at a meeting the other day and someone pointed out to me that I didn’t really need it… huh?  “Why don’t you just pull up Therap on the Internet?”  OMGoodness.  I can pull up Therap on my phone.  Holy cow.  This is way too cool.   (I thought Safari was an African vacation app…  little did I know.)

So now when I am at a meeting I can pull up anything on Therap that I need by using the internet, or when watching soccer practice I can just use the T-Log app to get quickly to my T-Logs.  Either way, it’s a great convenience having it right in my pocket.

Believe it or not, one of the other soccer mom’s actually commented on how techno-savvy I am…

Little does she know  ;)


Renee M. Moffatt, The Resource Center, Jamestown, NY