Well this is a blog that has just been waiting to happen… I am not the best blogger but here goes. Since my agency has been using Therap it has been making it so much easier for every one in my office to know whats going on out in the “real world” with our clients and our staff. I now find it kind of funny that we are all connected..case in point when we are in an office meeting and you have 6 cell phones go off at one time and only 1 person has to look to see who it is and what is going on. I am a firm believer in communication and sometimes I forget how much we have now. Is it a sign that Therap works when u start checking your messages when your having those rather private moments such as bathroom time or while on a date?? If Oprah saw how much I check my Therap in the car she would slap me down (only check at stop lights ;) ). So I ask is it wrong to dream in Therap. Sweet Dreams Therapites….