Hello my fellow Therapites!  Hope this blog finds you all healthy and wealthy!  (one out of two ain’t bad is it?)

We had the privilege of hosting another Therap conference in the great state of North Dakota!  Of course, our feelings are slightly hurt that Allison didn’t join us!  haha  Of course I must share a little amusement before getting serious…Tammie from Tri-City Cares in Stanley, ND was in TJ Maxx and was being ‘stalked’ by a clerk Monday evening.  Her first instinct was that he suspected her of shop lifting until he began to compliment her…’I like your highlights’ was the best pickup line he could come up with I guess!  Of course she began trying to talk Cheryl into rushing out of the store…to no avail!  Then Tuesday morning Tammie decided to give me my morning wake up call, but misdialed by cell phone number by one digit.  Some guy ansered and Tammie asked what he was doing…working was his response.  At this point she realized she had the wrong number.  Her reply…’OK, well I better go now!’ and she hung up!?!?!?  Oh well, it tickled my funny bone:-)

Now we are all gearing up across the state for the ‘looming’ implementation of the OSP (Overall Service Plan), which will include the new ISP and PCSP.  Of course, we’re delighted that we will get to host Deb again.  She’s rapidly gaining groopies all across the state…right Deb:-)  (I may be one of them!)

There was also discussion of some more advanced discussions for some of us who would like to brain storm or share thoughts / ideas.  Maybe we’ll get Deb or Allison to set up an advanced user group / webinar for those of us. 

It was great spending a couple days with all of you great North Dakotans!

Till next time – TONY