Allison spent the day with me yesterday and it was quite educational as well as amusing. We had lot of people come and go through issues with Allison, most important was our visit with Peggy O’Neil from our state office. She was interested and I think impressed with that Therap has to offer. The rumor is the state is looking at mandating a system for providers to use and with a number of us here in the state using Therap we want to try to sway the decision that way so that is why we opted to have Allison speak with them. I hope that it opened their eyes.

Maybe after this visit we can finally iron out the differences the agency is having about how to record ISP data. I am ready to get the ball rolling and move on to bigger and better things.

I learned a few things about my role as an Administrator and setting things up differently now to get started. I have become a Therap Nerd in a very short time and I’m to the point that I dream Therap and think about issues and how to solve them using Therap.

I’m glad that it didn’t rain the entire time Allison was her and she got to see the sun shine yesterday and should have great weather for her trip to Valdez today.

Thanks Allison for all your help!!