On this maiden blog, I will just write about something that has been slowing me down lately. This is not meant to be funny, for there is no fun is being slowed down by some kind of technical “flu”. So, let’s just say, it’s kind of funny the way this little problem affected me.

But let me explain what I am talking about before you all get confused with my problem, which could be your problem too. But I hope not.

First, the definitions: Therap: Is this convenient internet based platform we are all using to do our jobs here at CCS and at your own workplace wherever you are, thanks to Therap Services Inc. Cursor: Is that little blinking dark vertical stroke on your computer that appears anywhere before you can types anything. Flu: Is a disease that slows you down because of its uncomfortable symptoms, including but not limited to sneezing, headache, runny nose, and the like. You know them all so let me not bore you with those. Note, this is not a clinical definition, but it will suffice for the sake of my story here.

In computers, flu like symptoms do not seem elaborate simply because we don’t see them but they are there. Some obvious ones include slowdown of the entire computer and now in my discovery, the slow down of the cursor. As in humans, computer or cursor flu is caused by a virus. This is how you know your computer has a cursor virus. The cursor (as defined above), does not keep up with your pace of typing on the screen. Normally the cursor should be at the very spot of the letter or character you are writing. In the case of cursor flu, the cursor does not show up until much later. Because of that, you don’t see the letters or characters you are writing until after a couple of seconds have elapsed. What is so annoying about cursor flu is that you can not see your mistakes until your line is done. Then when you try to go back to where the mistake is, the cursor still has to go through the entire path of your typing before it can ever get to the location of the mistake. The effect of this flu is a total waste of one’s time.

It was interesting in my case in that the flu only manifested itself on Therap. I have not experienced it with other programs. Therap Technical Support tried to help but were unsuccessful because as you now know, the problem was not a Therap problem but a virus on my computer.

Cursor flu is one of the most difficult forms of computer flu. It is hard to eliminate by most antivirus(es). Unfortunately for me, I could not get rid of the menace until I had to clean up the entire hard drive. Hope you don’t have to go through that ordeal.