Therap has been a wonderful addition ….. We welcomed Therap about 1 year ago, we all survived …..We started using therap in June/July of 2010…adding more modules along the way… double documenting (i would not recommend this) for about 3 months to ensure we had all the information correct….We are still learning new things, like personal finance and inventory. Now we are adding our day program and supportive living to the mix…very exciting!!!   I had to laugh when a veteran staff, who was not happy with the therap change, called to tell me “Therap is down!! What am i going to do!!”  Once you have Therap and have to document the “old way” due to updates and / or power outages it make you smile Emoticon showing smiley face when you turn on the computer and everything is working …..Change is hard for everyone… But once they learn the new changes in Therap 9.1 ….A smile will return to all of our faces….  Had a wonderful July…..