I spent the entire long weekend in Palmer which is 330 miles south of North Pole at a dog show. While there Ron and I spent a lot of time together with four of our six Bernese Mountain Dogs. We both got work calls and I got Therap notifications. (most of which had to wait wait till Tuesday when I returned to the office). It is wonderful though to have the option to keep up to date on what is happening when away. I love having the notifications and the option of what you respond to or not. Being the on site trainer I got calls about issues that needed worked though and I was able to talk the person through every one of them. Some had to do with the new changes and I was glad that I had read up on them and taken a look at them on line. It made it much easier to know what to tell them.

Now on to the important stuff. My 19 month old Girl was entered in the show all 3 days, she progressively moved up in the placements. On Friday she got 3rd in her class, Saturday 2nd and then on Sunday she took first in her class then moved on the take Winner’s Bitch for a 4 point major. For those who don’t know a dog must have 15 point and 2 majors to get their championship. The points are based on how many dogs entered and a major is anytime it is 3, 4, or 5 points. Emma beat 8 other dogs to take Winner’s Bitch. It was overall a great weekend, I learned a lot of new tricks from some friends about handling and grooming. We can always learn something new.

So after the weekend and taking Monday off to recover and as my Birthday Holiday I have played catch up for 2 days. That is always the hard part of taking time off. My first page numbers are slowly decreasing and I will get them all cleared before I go home today!