Greetings to all in Therap Land,
Busy trying to start new modules in our agency. In the process, I lost my blog instructions and password in all of my notes. Finally getting things organized again and found them.
It has been a busy summer with work, vacations, and staff on vacation. It has been wet/cold and then hot/humid; not the ideal summer.
I had a second knee surgery in March, so I am finally walking as I should again. Next step, knee replacment, but it is good for now.:)
Was able to take my motorcycle to the South Dakota Black Hills in June for a family reunion and then we traveled to the Colorado Mountains with our convertable in July. (Next trip there will be on the motorcycles but did not have time for that this year.) Hope to make a couple more long week-ends to the Black Hills this year though.
Sorry to be rambling, but it has been a long time and need to tell it all.
Later, Betty Visscher